Safety & Security Tips

We are Master Lockmiths

Making Theft Harder

  • Don't invite unknown people inside.
  • Lock doors and windows.
  • Install Deadlocks on external doors.
  • Change locks when you move.
  • Never give keys to workmen, gardeners or cleaners.
  • Don't attach address or personal ID to keys.
  • Install keyed window locks.
  • Install locks on garages and sheds.
  • Put belongings and tools away.
  • Provide ample exterior lighting as a deterrent
In Case of Theft
  • Keep valuable items in personal vault or the bank.
  • Engrave appliances with drivers licence number.
  • Be sure any phone number labels are legible.
  • Photograph artworks and antiques.
  • Note the serial number of all items.
When You're Away
  • Leave exterior lights on.
  • Ask a reliable person to check house at irregularly intervals.
  • Leave curtains and fittings in normal positions.
  • Have mail/parcels delivered elsewhere or regularly collected.
  • Cancel regular deliveries that will not be collected. (eg. newspapers, milk)
  • Shut and lock all doors and windows, including garage and sheds.
  • Have mail/parcels delivered elsewhere or regularly collected.
  • Advise security patrols and police if away for extended periods.
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